3 Simple Steps to Save America!
3 Simple Steps to Save America! 

The Book

Want to know more about the book and how it can help YOU start a local movement in your own or state?

Just click the button below and get a sneak preview as to how you can become an unstoppable political force in 2016!

Whether your a team of 1 or 100 you can make a huge difference and we'll show you how.

Political Reality

Feel like our votes don't count?

Well, you've been looking at the elecion process all wrong!

Now you can find out how your vote can change the world and use it to elect better leaders who truly represent the people above all else no matter what ...

Want to learn how?

The Project

Come check out what we plan to do to help you get organize, informed and prepared to help "Save America Now!"

There are no small roles when it comes to helpng our nation become great and YOU can be a huge part of making it happen. 

No matter how powerless you feel or how little you know, we'll show you how easy it is to help.

3 Simple Steps to Save America

An easy to read instructional guidebook designed to inspire and empower America by showing everyone how simple and easy it is to replace leaders in the U.S. Congress --


No matter how much money corrupts our political process!  


The first politically ubiased program that makes the process of FINDING & ELECTING leaders who will represent the "Will of the People" fun. 


Our mission to give every American the power they need to help get rid of every incompetent and corrupt U.S. leader

ruining our nation ... FOREVER! 


Showing YOU how easy it is to effect positive change in the world of U.S. Politics with very little effort no matter what party you favor or how little time they have. 

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