3 Simple Steps to Save America!
3 Simple Steps to Save America! 

Political Reality

Whether you realize it or not, your vote counts!


Granted a vast majority of America refuses to believe this as every November election has become nothing short of a revolving door which keeps electing carbon copies of the very types of leaders we wish to avoid.  Although this may be true, there is a simple solution.  After all November election are typically just a coronation of what corporate bought politician will get the seat in Congress. 


Here's a hint!  They are both owned by the same people as these people who usually get this far are really just actors playing leaders and We the People are not the ones writing the script!


In a world where barely half our nation votes for a U.S. President the game of "Choosing the lesser of two evils" has taken its toll.  After all, no matter who we select come Novemebr we're still left with evil now aren't we!  So you can't really blame those who say, "Our vote doesn't count, so why vote!"  After all, they really are correct...if you wait unitl November to vot that is.


The reality of U.S. Politics is that the only way we can even hope to overcome these political problems has little to do with Term Limits.  Forcing our politicians to fully disclose what's going on behind the scenes or compelling them to offer simple explanations as to what's actually in the legislation they vote on will never happen.  And implementing a Constitutional Convention to simplify or override bad legislation like Citizens United, the TPP, etc. to help maintain a level playing field that doesn't let those with money have more influence over the voters’ decision in the ballot box are near impossible. 


To put it bluntly, I hope you're in it for the long haul because these things take forever to implement and your U.S. Congressperson has little to no interest in make any of these happen anytime soon!  The fact is we've just been conditioned to look at the election process all along by those who wish the current leaders of our nation to remain in power.


Tragically, many people honestly believe that we can make the very leaders who stand to gain from prohibiting such things take away their safety net.  The sad reality it, these people are sorely mistaken and the only way to take control of our nation and put some power behind our vote is to use it to fire these current' U.S. Congress people getting in the way of American progress is by getting involved much earlier in the process than November. 


For as much as this may seem like an impossible task, it's really not a as hard as it appears.  The simple truth is, and I will keep repeating this until you hate me for doing so...


It's all about the Primary Elections!


These elections are the key to America's political salvation and to learn more about what this and how YOU can exercise the power we have here to fire those political obstacles check out the summary of "3 Simple Steps to Save America" by clicking here


There you we see an outline as to how we can change our Political Reality for the better and create massive change come 2018 with very little effort in your spare time!

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