3 Simple Steps to Save America!
3 Simple Steps to Save America! 

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Sorry, I always wanted to use my name in third person...hahaha


But hey, if you want to get into my head to see what kind of person I am, my abilities and how I came up with this idea?  Here’s your miniaturized 9+ page version of, “The Book of Adam”.  And Yes!  I could easily turn this novel into a trilogy with all the misadventures and entertaining stories I’ve accumulated over the years.  So enjoy!  This very short book I'll calle "The Book of Adam" is yours for free… 


Lord knows I need a good editor...!


Me, I'm just a run of the mill involuntary unemployed husband/disabled stay-at-home father of two small children under the age of 6 who have way more energy than I.  Having spent most of my life in the business world, a huge part of me has always been fascinated and involved in the world of politics as well. 


Being a self-made college educated professional with over 20 years of marketing and management experience, I've started and run several small companies.  Some failed, many succeeded, but all were helpful in allowing me to expand my horizons and become a better person. 


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