3 Simple Steps to Save America!
3 Simple Steps to Save America! 

The Book

3 Simple Steps to Save America

Democracy 3.0


 “How to Easily Beat The $$$ That Rules U.S. Politics”




Adam Bond Devereau




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What to expect in this eBook


This e-book is intended to empower YOU with all the tools and knowledge needed to help rid America of those career and/or corrupt politicians who refuse to represent the voters.  The information presented herein is equally applicable to whatever political persuasion you may have, for the reality is political leaders on the left and right, progressive and conservative, are all beholden to outside interests rather than those they have been elected to represent.  While many have long sounded this alarm, this book will actually give you the power to not just identify, but present an easy to apply practical plan capable of helping the America people reclaim our country.  Helping everyday Americans to rise up and rid ourselves of those U.S. elected officials who clearly serve special interests and big money donors over the wishes and interests of the people they are supposed to represent.


Regardless of how powerless most Americans feel, we intend to prove that the founding fathers established a system where, “We the People” have far more power than many of us have ever realized, and we have it within us to reclaim our country without firing a shot. The problem is we have been conditioned to feel powerless, so many of us have given up on democracy as we let our lost U.S. leaders legislate us into poverty and destroy all those things that make America great.  We will show that this feeling of apathy is no accident, but a deliberate plot by both sides of the political spectrum to remain entrenched in their power.  (Highlighted areas are where Internet links will be in the actual book...some may even be live.)


This book will show you how easy it is for even a small handful of people to create a movement so powerful it can inspire every state in our nation to rise up and overcome this monumental problem that is currently destroying our world with seemingly little opposition.  The truth is, we are a nation divided on almost every level, and our leaders are responsible for this division.  It’s called divide and conquer for a reason, as a nation divided will surely fail.  The reality is those on both the left and right might be surprised to find out they have more in common then they realize regardless of how often we here otherwise.  There are many organization and alliances who have been working to bridge the gap to end the needless debate that stall progress and create the dialogs needed to solve problem, not create them.  Yet we here so little about them.  Here, we plan to change all of that! 


Our Mission


To educate YOU about the realities of U.S. politics and show how easy it is for you to find leaders to unite us so we can once again get America to work for the people.  Helping those who read it to clearly see how this mess started, why this all needs to change, and how easy it is for YOU to become the change we all need to see in the world of U.S. Politics.  The book intends to provide you with a politically unbiased, blunt, honest and easy to understand explanation as to how easy it is to rid America of those politicians and why you need to get involved so we can once again make our nation great and the envy of the world.  Sadly, as of now we are not the greatest nation in the world anymore and in a world where the only place we seem to get honest assessments of this reality is a television show, you know our nation is in trouble.


After we show you the solution we will take the time to explain how we go into this mess to begin with as this book will strive to help you learn how to talk politics while inspiring those around you to actually want to be part of the conversation, no matter how they feel about the subject.  Giving you the power make a huge difference by the next U.S. election.  Both the eBook, links and Appendices provided in these pages are filled with useful information, tips and programs to help in our fight the reclaim our nation and remove the influence big money has over our country. 


Just keep in mind that this book is a living document meant to evolve and adapt as our democracy must in order to represent the time and interests of the people it serves.  All while acting as an allegorical instructional manual designed to help those who read it learn how to become better more socially conscious people capable of pushing themselves to become the best versions of themselves. 


After all that’s what America is supposed to stand for, isn't it!  Now it’s time to realize this dream by creating a new one that provides each and every one of their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness no matter who they are or where they come from.


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