3 Simple Steps to Save America!
3 Simple Steps to Save America! 

The Project

The book is more of loose guideline to help people understand how powerful we are and how important it is to get involve and organized.  Especially seeing as how easy it is to pretty much imposes de facto Term-Limits on our U.S. Representative and discover better/easier ways to replace them if the refuse to do what the voter want them to. 


As you learn how easy it is to do so...the best part is there has never been a better time in our nation’s history to take action and with technology being so advanced the tool to do so are pretty much at everyone’s finger tips.  The reality is…




After reading this book it is my hope that you will organize yourselves and use your own creativity to create the system outlined in the book to what we all know needs to be done.  My promise to you though is if I make enough money from the sale of the book or crowdfunding efforts I’m trying to establish, I plan to do it all for you to make it easy for every state in the nation to have all the tools and resources they need to act.


My goal is to let each state have their own independent organization while providing Americans a way to communicate and learn from one another regardless of where they live more efficiently.  Helping those on the same mission to end the power money and ineptitude has over U.S. Politics while remaining united so we can use our experiences to help all of us adapt more quickly than any big money politician could ever imagine. 


We can unite as one nation to take back control of our nation with ease and finally have a nation that represents the will of the American people over all else and finally elect leaders who work together to solve our nation’s problems, not create them!


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